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Embed Video in Canvas using the new Rich Content Editor

canvas video Jan 21, 2021

The embedding options have changed for videos and other web based content within Canvas but you can still embed a video quickly!

Step 1: 

Get your embed code for the video. For this example, lets use YouTube. 

Step 1A: 

Find the video on YouTube and select the Share button 

Find the youtube video and select the share button

Step 1B: 

Select Embed and copy the code you see


Step 2: 

Ensure you are in edit mode on your canvas page and select where you want to place the video. Select Insert > Embed

Ensure you are in edit mode and select Insert and then embed

Step 3

Paste the code into the box by using CNTRL V or by right clicking and pasting. Then select Submit

 Paste the code into the window, and select submit.

Thats it! Your video has been embedded. 

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